Thursday, May 4, 2017

Letter F is for Flower printable learning pack

We've been having so much fun working on our F is for Flower theme.  We've posted some of our completed activities here.  Today I'm sharing our Letter F learning pack.  It is so much fun.  I've added some new activities and my little girl has been loving them.  You can download the Letter F Learning pack here.
Print some of it or print all of it! 
Here's whats included and some time I'll include instructions in the actual packet for convenience.
Page 1 and 2- Letter poster and Coloring Page.  Great way to introduce the Letter F and theme.
Page 3-matching game.  Print 2 or cardstock

Page 4-Capital and lower case letter find.  We used dot markers but crayons work great too.  Once you find the letters count them up!
Page 5-Color by number.  Great way to practice number and color recognition.

Page 6-Patterns.  works for abab or aabb patterns or make up your own.  Print one or 2 on cardstock.
pages 7-8 F Create your own fishing game.  Print on cardstock.  Cut out fish and the pictures.  Tape or glue pictures to the back of the fish.  add a paper clip to each fish (I've also used magnets and bobby pins).  Make a fishing pole with a dowel, string, and button magnet. Have fun fishing.  When a fish is caught say the word and emphasize the f sound.

I use these fish a lot so keep them for upcoming activities.

If you already have fish you can print just page only has the letter f pictures. ( if you are printing the fish you do not need this page)
(watermark not on download)

Pages 10-14 Color matching game.  Print on cardstock.  cut out flowers and cut slit across the top of each flower pot.  Slide the color of the flower to the matching color of pot.  (the white flower with yellow polka dots goes in the yellow pot).

Pages 15-21 Color Freeze dance.  Page 15 or 16  is perfect if you want to save some ink and print on colored paper or color yourself...that's what I did.  16-21 have the flowers already colored and ready to print for convince.  I suggest cardstock for durability.
Cut out and place on the floor.  Start some music and dance around.  When the music stops jump on the closest flower and shout out the color.  Keep going until they are done.

Page 22- cut, color and glue.  (watermark not on download)

23-24-shape hunt.  Cut out flower and hide around the room.  Once they are gathered name the shape and cross it off their finder page.  I put our finder page in a sheet protector so we could play several times.  Use a white board marker and it erases easily.
I plan to use the finder page for future packets so its also a good one to save.

A few more activities

Letter F Book Download here. Cut along the black line and staple together.

Tracer & Coloring page Download here

Adorable graphics from Creative Clips,   Creating for the Classroom, &

If you have any trouble with the links or any questions please let me know!

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