Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Stamping with flowers-preschool craft

This was such a fun project from beginning to end.  The end result turned out really pretty as well.  My 3 year old thought the extra flowers needed to stay on her picture.

Start by picking some flowers.  Around here there are not a lot of flowers yet but lucky for us (and unfortunate for my husband) the orchard behind us provides our yard with a lot of dandelions early spring.   We ran out and picked a few before they were all sprayed.  We even found some little purple ones.  I'm sure this would work with any type of flower you can find.
I loved watching her run through the yard picking as many as her little hands would allow.  She doesn't realize these are weeds to her they are as pretty as any flower. She melts my heart.

 Next squeeze a little paint on a plate.  Dip your flower in and start stamping away.  Stamp gently.

 The different flowers made some pretty fun designs.

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