Wednesday, May 24, 2017

P is for Princess

This was one of our very first preschool themes we did and its still my favorite.  We might need to do it again now that I have another princess loving 3 year old.
P is for Princess of course!
For our preschool activities this week we focused on the letter P. Our theme of course was princess. Here are some of the fun activities we worked on.

Princess letter complete with purple crown with pink polka dots and pasta hair. Aubrey cut out the polka dots, glued everything on, and helped draw the smile. She loved this activity.

Of course what princess doesn't need a crown. (Sadly this printable is no longer available but there are lots of cute crowns crafts on pinterest) We used the jewels to practice her shapes (most cut out to basic shapes), We practiced colors, and gluing.Here are the two books we used this week-Princess Sparkle and I'm going to be the best princess ever. Both are great books and both of my girls love them. Two other activities we did were coloring the letter P. Aubrey even added polka dots (remembering them from the previous activity). We used this template.She practiced "writing." She is a little young for this still but we are going to continue this with each letter. She had a lot of fun "doing her work" as she called it. I put the page in a sheet protector and let her write with her washable markers (it wipes off very easy with water). The template was found here.We did a big activity on Thursday by having a princess party just like in the book. We ate pizza, drank pop, and had princess pops (cake pops) for dessert. The girls dressed in their pretty princess dress. To finish up the girls and I had a pajama party with popcorn and watched the princess movie (Enchanted). We tried to watch it in our palace/fort but the girls didn't really like it and it kept falling down. I guess we need daddy to make the next one.

Through out the week we pointed out items that start with the letter P. We practiced the sound it makes, and we found all the P's in her princess books. It was a really fun week.

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