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Come Follow Me: Jacob 1-4

*Originally posted in 2020

This week for Come Follow Me we are covering Jacob 1-4.  I have noticed such a difference in my own reading as I have slowed down and focused on the chapters for the week.  I have learned so much and this week I can honestly say I am thankful for the words of Jacob. I choose a couple of topics from the primary manual. All printables are free in the download at the end of this post.

 As I was reading through the individual and family manual the the words spiritual danger stood out to me and reminded me of a talk by talk by Boyd K Packard- Spiritual Crocodiles.  This inspired a few of these activities.  Jacob warned his people about a couple of dangerous traps and sins they were falling into just like our prophet and apostles warn of today.  Using the talk spiritual crocodiles we are going to talk about some of the things our prophet warns us about today.
*Someone let me know this talk was in the Friend a couple of years ago and sent me the link! You can find it here. 

First I have adorable puppets to help you tell the story.  You'll want to read through the talk a head of time and then summarize for your family or class.  This will vary greatly on age :)  I tried to find pictures to cover all of the different part.  To use: print (cardstock recommended), cut, and add to a Popsicle stick.

Another activities is to hide the crocodiles around the room.  Let your family go on a hunt to find them.  Once found write on each crocodile something the prophet warns us about.  I left lots of white space to make it easier to write on.  This would make a cute display for the week.  To step up this activity make binoculars our of paper towel rolls ahead of time. Your little ones will LOVE hunting for crocodiles using their binoculars.  Sometimes I just roll construction paper to create them and it works too.
 One last activity: I think a really important thing to point out is some dangers are easy to see like the lion.  You can see it coming and know its dangerous.  But there are other dangers that may not be so obvious or hidden like the crocodile.  This week I've been talking to my children a lot about the world presenting evil as good and thought this tied in so well.  Okay to play you are going to cut out the ponds and the animals.  Have everyone close their eyes and hide one animal behind each pond.  Then take turns trying to avoid the dangerous animals.  After talk about why it was difficult to pick.  Maybe bring up the guide in the story and how he warned about the dangers in the water and how it could have been so easy to miss.  Then talk about why we have a prophet and that he warns of of dangers that maybe we can see and already know about but also danger we may not be as aware of or thing its not something that we will ever need to worry about.  Again adjust the discussion to fit your family.  The page with the elephant and lion is just a fun way to sort the pictures after you find them.
 Next we are going to talk about sharing with others in need and how sharing helps us to be happy.  This might be a good time to share one of the humanitarian videos on the churches website found Here.
This first activity is a spin on the activity at the end of the lesson.  There is a cute spinner for the kids to make.  This page provides a space to draw or write some of the ways we can share.  (I did change toys for talents.  Toys can be combined with possessions.
These cards have the same words but can be used as discussion cards, for pictionary or charades.  Cut apart and think of something that fits in that category.

 Here's a story (found here) about David sharing crayons with his little sister and how he felt when he did.  After set out some crayons for everyone to share while they color the picture included. (this idea and story came from an old primary manual)
 I also included the story about Jesus feeding the 5,000.  It was a young boy that had the fish and bread and decided to share.
(this link has some question & story cards to go with this)

That is all for this week.  I hope you find something that will work for your family or primary class.  As always if you have and questions or trouble with the download please let me know.

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  1. These are such awesome lessons!! Thank you so much for all of the time you put into them.