Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FHE based on Richard G. Scott's talk

I want to try something a little different with Family Home Evening.  Each week we are going to pick a talk from the most recent general conference and teach a lesson based on it.  My kids are 9, 6, and 1 and the lessons are made to fit their age group.

Start by asking "how can we make our bodies strong?"
When they say exercise have them show you some of their favorite ways to exercise.

 Teach that before we were born we were taught that the purpose in coming to Earth was to be tested and help us grow.  There are many things that are hard, that can make us sad, or frustrated.  However there are also many things that make us happy, make us strong, and build our testimony.  “Despite all of the negative challenges we have in life, we must take time to actively exercise our faith.”  

Ask "What are some ways we can exercise our faith?"
 Explain that Elder Scott talked about 4 ways we can exercise our faith in his talk.  Prayer, Scripture Study, Family Home Evening, and attending the temple.  Since my kids are young we focused on the first three.

In a bag I had cards with different quotes about prayer, scripture study and Fhe.  (all are from the talk, some are paraphrased.)  Here are my cards, you are welcome to use them :)  

We would pick a card and read it.  If it was a quote on prayer they kids would do jumping jacks, scripture study-push ups, Fhe-sit ups.  We rolled a dice to determine how many.  The girls loved it.

To finish I explained that just like our bodies need exercise to be healthy, strong, and grow our spirits need to be exercised so that our testimonies can grown and become stronger.

I really loved this talk.  I also recommend reading the notes at the end the quotes are amazing.

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