Monday, April 1, 2024

30 Fun and Unique April Holidays Calendar

April is full of fun holidays to celebrate with your family or friends. Here are 30 kid-friendly holidays that can turn an ordinary day into a memorable day. YOu can find the free holiday calendar at the end of this post. Download, print, and display. We love finding simple ways to celebrate throughout the month but also have fun just checking our calendar to find out what crazy holiday lands on that day. 

Here are 30 Fun April Holidays which ones are you excited to celebrate?

1-April Fools' Day
2-National Children's Picture Book Day
3-Find a RAinbow day
4-International Carrot Day
5-National Dandelion Day
6-National Handmade Day
7-Geologist Day
8-Nationa Zoo Lovers Day
9-National Unicorn Day
10-National Farm Animals Day
11-National Pet Day
12-Big Wind Day
13-National Peach Cobbler Day
14-National Gardening Day
15-World Art Day
16-Save the Elephant Day
17-Go Fly a Kite Day
18-National Velociraptor day
19-Bicycle Day
20-World Circus Day
21-Thank you for Libraries Day
22-Earth day
23-National Picnic Day
24-National Skipping Day
25-World Penguin Day
26-Alien Day
27-Babe Ruth Day
28-National Super Hero Day
29-International Astronomy Day
30-National Tie Dye Day

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  1. Thank you! Love the monthly fun holidays!