Thursday, August 23, 2018

I will Obey the Law (Lesson 31, Primary 2)

Here are some fun lesson helps for Lesson 31 "I will Obey the Law".  You can download all of these fun ideas for FREE at the end of this post.  These are also really fun for Family Home Evening.

Attention activity- animal and fence printables
The lesson suggests play-dough and while I love letting my kids play with play-dough it can be messy.  If you need an alternative I've created a cute 3d farm set.  There are six different animals that the kids can color.  They will love that they stand up on their own!  I'm actually going to be using these for our farm preschool unit we have coming up in a few weeks as well.

There is enough room inside the fence for all the animals.

I do recommend cardstock if you have it.  I tested this out to make sure this idea would work. I did cardstock for the fence and it easily stood up.  I used regular paper for the animals and it worked but they tip over easily.
Discussion Rules and laws keep me safe and happy- fence activity.  To help with your discussion and to carry on with the fence theme we are going to build a large fence.  Here's what it will look like when you are done.

As you ask the questions in the discussion (ex. What are some rules in your home?) You will place the "Home" fence post on the board.  Write their answers on two of the fence slates (Not sure what you call them...the rectangles).  Move on to school and primary.  In the lesson there is a story before the discussion on town and country laws.  You can wait or keep going.  To close off the fence add the last post that reminds us why we have laws and rules.  

Here's what the pieces look like in the download.
Story Cards:  Print and cut apart.  I've noticed my class does a little better listening when they have a visual.

Word strip section and Enrichment Activity 1
12th article of faith-leave as is or turn it into a puzzle.  My class loves when I hide things around the room.  Let them find the pieces and put the puzzle together.  If you choose to help them memorize it, pull pieces off to make it more challenging.  Even better until all the pieces are gone!

The obey game: Everything you need to play scenario cards, numbers, and 2 badge options. I also included a page of blank cards in case you need to add some more scenarios.  Oh and three badge options because I couldn't decided which one I liked more :)

Coloring pages- 2 options.  The first one goes with Enrichment activity #2.  The second one goes with the theme of the lesson. 

Here's an extra idea ...Stop and Go activity.  Print, cut, color (they are black and white in the download), and attach to Popsicle sticks. 
1. You can use them to play red light, green light (reverently).  Switch it up by having them tip toe, hop, move slow like a turtle.
2. Use them with the coloring pages-When you hold up the go sign they start coloring and when you hold up the stop sign they have to stop.  Switch it back and forth sometimes quickly.  I've done this with my own kids at home and they thought it was hilarious.  Their coloring wasn't quite as nice as it normally is because they are rushing during the go time but its a lot of fun.