Thursday, August 30, 2018

Love One Another Lesson Helps (Lesson 32, Primary 2) Free Printables

Here are a few lesson helps for (Primary 2) Lesson 32 Love One Another (lesson found here).  I'm so grateful for the chance to study all of these lessons.  This is one of my favorites.  I loved rereading the scripture stories about our Saviors perfect example of showing love to everyone.  I also really loved the story towards the end about the Prophet John Taylor.

With a lesson on love I couldn't help myself but go all out with hearts and x's and o's.  You can find all of these printables in a free download at the end of this post.   I hope you find something that will help you plan your lesson:)

Scripture Poster or Puzzle:  This first page goes with the Scripture Story section.  Display it as is or cut it into a puzzle.  My class seems to love puzzles and its even better if I hide the pieces around the room.  2 activities in one :) (There is a black and white option as well)

Scripture Story Bean Bag Toss:  These hearts go with the Scripture Stories and Discussion Section.  Assign each story a number.   Cut out the heart and either lay them on the floor or tape each one to a bowl.  Have the kids take turn tossing the bean bag.  Once they land on the number (or in the bowl) share the story and questions that goes with that number.

 Love One Another Tic Tac Toe: This goes with the situation questions and I included some review questions from the lesson.  Before class Print out your tic tac toe board, the page of x's and o's, and question cards.  I recommend cardstock for durability. Divide the class into two teams.  One side will be the x's and the other the o's.  The teams will take turns picking and answering a question.  If they get it correct they will place their X or O on the board.  First to get 3 in a row wins.  There are enough cards and some blank ones that it can be played a few times.
 Coloring pages and puzzle activity alternative: I have two different options for you.  The first is a black and white copy of the poster from the beginning of the lesson.  Use as a coloring page or print one for each child and cut into a puzzle for each child to take home.  The second option is a fill in the blank coloring page.  Help the children answer the question "I can show love by..." and write their answers in the hearts.

Love Note Activity.  (Goes with Enrichment Activity #1)  Print and cut one out for each child.  Have them write a letter to someone telling them some reasons why they love them or draw a picture.  I tried to make these pretty plain so there would be lots of space for the kids to decorate and personalize their cards.

I love this video clip called Dayton's Legs and plan to show it at the end.  It goes really well with Enrichment Activity #4.

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