Thursday, August 2, 2018

I can be Kind (Lesson helps for Primary 2 Lesson 28)

I've created a few primary lesson helps to go along with Lesson 28 I can be Kind (primary 2).  You can find the lesson here.  These ideas can also be used for Family Home Evening.  I also like to print the coloring pages for our church bag that my kids use during Sacrament Meeting.

We are going to do the map activity and act out the story of the Good Samaritan like in the lesson.

I made some story cards for the story about Luisa and Todd.  Print and cut the cards apart.  Show at the appropriate time in the story.

Situation cards-Print and cut apart.  Have the kids take turns drawing one.  Read the situation and answer the question.

Scripture read or cut into puzzle pieces

Enrichment activities:

Goes along with #1.
I can be kind to others drawing page and 3 coloring pages.  Some kids love to draw and others love to color so use what works best for your class.  There are 2 other coloring pages included that are not pictured here.  I found the cutest graphics and just had to use all of them!

I can be kind bucket list.  Works best for older classes.  During the lesson work together to come up with 5 ways they can be kids during the week.  Have them write them down on the lines.  As they complete each task they can check or color the box.  Have them share with you the tasks they complete next week.

Goes with #2
I can be kind game-cake walk.  Print and cut out the hearts (there are 8).  Place them in a circle on the floor.  Have the kids each stand on one.  Play music (there are a few suggested in the lesson-Jesus Said Love EveryoneKindness Begins with Me”,  A Special Gift Is Kindness).  As the music is playing have them reverently walk around the circle stepping on the hearts as they go.  Randomly stop the music and have them freeze on the closest heart.  Ask each child how they can be kind to the person on their heart.  Once everyone has answered start the music again and play again.

Goes with Activity #3
reminder bracelets-instead of tying a piece of string around their fingers I have some cute little reminder bracelets.  Print and cut.  You can print them on colored paper or have the kids color them.  Once you are done tape them around their wrist.  For some of the smaller kids you might want to cut a little off the ends.

One other idea I had-There is a cute story in the friend this month called A Friend Like Mark.  Share this story and then take turn tossing a ball into a basket.  Each time it goes in the basket have them share a way they can be kind this week.

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