Monday, August 13, 2018

I can be Obedient (Lesson 30 Primary 2)

I have just a few lesson helps today...It's my off week from teaching but I couldn't help myself from creating a few fun things.  These are for Lesson 30 I can be obedient.  There are a ton of fun activities in the lesson manual (you can find it here).  I'm really loving the treasure hunt idea.  
Maybe you don't teach primary, these can easily be adapted for an FHE lesson. I'm going to use the chicken game for my family!

Update!!!  Now includes story cards.  These cute story cards go with the first story in the lesson about Theodore M. Burton visiting his grandma's farm. 

This goes with the wordstrip section.  Have the children repeat the word "obedience."  This would also be cute to display on the board during the lesson.

Noah's Ark Activity (goes with enrichment activity #5 & #3)  
Print the ark page and the 2 pages of animals.  (color and black and white option).
Carefully cut along the dark line on the ark (look at sample picture below)
Cut out the animals.  
On the back of the animals write the activities from #3 ex. Shake hands with each member of the class.  You'll need to add 2 of your own if you want to use all the animal.
Display the animals and the children take turns picking one.  Have them obey what is written on the back. 
Then they can put the animal in the ark by sliding it through the slit you made.

Obedience Necklaces.  Print, cut, and hole punch the top.  Let the kids add some yarn and tie around their necks.  It would also be fun to bring beads or fruit loops and let them string them on their necklace.

Coloring page (Enrichment activity #5)

(Enrichment activity #1) I changed up this activity to fit in with the story at the beginning of the lesson.  Play just like it says except you are going to place the chicken in the barn (see the lesson for much better instructions :) .  
Print out the barn and chickens.  Put a piece of tape on the back of the chickens and blindfold the child.  See where it ends up.  Let all of the children try.  Then blind fold one and let them place a chicken in the barn while someone is giving them instructions. (Think pin the tail on the donkey)

Download Lesson helps here and here.


  1. AMAZING!!! Thanksssssss!

  2. You are extremely talented and inspired! Thank you sooooo much!

    1. Thank you so much for your very sweet comment :) and you are very welcome!

  3. I am a CTR 5 teacher and my wife uses Pinterest for ideas. The first lesson a gave, I was not prepared and I grabbed my wife's phone and checked Pinterest. I typed lesson 24 and obviously there was several people posting about the lesson, but you caught my attention because of your creativeness to do and help others with these lessons. I really appreciate you and thank you for your work. I always use your ideas in my class.

  4. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I'm so happy you are able to use them!