Friday, June 8, 2018

U is for Unicorn

We just finished our U is for unicorn theme and can I just say this was my favorite one.  We had a big variety of crafts, songs, games, treats and learning activities.  I'll be sharing all of these including a huge free learning packet. You can download it here!  Because there are so many activities in this pack I'm going to do a quick run through for you (hopefully in order) and show you how we used each one.  After I'll share some of the other activities and crafts we did. Let's get started!

Letter U

I always like to start with a letter craft to introduce our theme. We shared this one a few weeks ago and you can find all the details here.
U is for unicorn tracer page.  How cute is this?!?

Letter U book.  print and cut along the black line.  Staple together.  Comes in color and black and white (save some ink, use as a coloring book)

Letter U chart.  We use it to practice the letter sound and keep it displayed all week. Also comes in black and white (makes a cute coloring page)

Letter U dot page.  Find all the letter U's and color or use dot markers.

Color by number

Number Puzzle.  Cut along the black lines.  We used a cookie sheet and magnets.  You can also have your child glue the pieces to cardstock.

Next up we have our Unicorn Counting Cards.  I suggest printing these on cardstock and laminate if you can.  We used them for a ton of activities that I shared here and here.

Super cute game that uses the same number cards
Unicorn Color Book.  Print and cut along the black lines.  Staple together.  Have your child color the unicorn on each page.  I let mine cut and staple her book :)

color matching game- call them horns or party hats.  They are a little big so little hands can hold them but still cute and fun.

Songs and chants-I couldn't find any two up changing some of the words to some pretty common ones.  I included some stick puppets for 5 little unicorns.  Cut and attach to Popsicle sticks.  They look like the cute unicorn at the bottom of the page.
Rainbows and unicorns go together so we also use the song I can sing a rainbow.  I included words and this cute help chart.  You can find help with the tune here.

Treasure Hunt-pint, cut, and hide.  Follow the clues to find Sparkles the unicorn.  Cute and fun!

Addition Mats- There are 2 pages of numbers and unicorn counters.  You can also use fruitloops, rainbow erasers, mini marshmallows or pompoms  This is a fun way to introduce addition. 

Place numbers in the boxes to create your addition problem.  Have your child use the counters to find the answer.  If the answer is higher then 9 use two cards side by side to create the number.  

Sorry I couldn't include the mat in the large download (it's landscape instead of portrait) but you can download the addition mat here.  The numbers and counters are in the main download.

Letters in my name matching game

You'll find a page of cards like this only there will not be any letters.  Print 2 of this page on cardstock (or more depending on length of name).  Write one letter on each unicorn.  We used my daughters name but it would also be cute for reviewing letters, numbers, or even sight words. 

On one set of cards we did capital letters and on the other set we did lowercase letters.  Cut them out and play.
Once she found all the matches we lined the up to spell her name.

The final page is a Feed the unicorn activity.  Print on cardstock, laminate (optional), cut around and the mouth, tape to a brown paper bag, and cut a hole in the bag for the mouth .  I used these rhyming cards to create a match game (you'll need to trim them down to fit the mouth).  We fed each pair to the unicorn,  You can also use any of the games above...we did :) 

This was her favorite game!  I'm actually going to keep it around for other themes just for fun.

If you missed the download above you can download the packet here!

Here are some other activities we did

Paper plate unicorn (insired by this cute craft)

Dispicable me movie night...who doesn't love sweet Agnes and her unicorn!  Get your free printable popcorn boxes here.

Sew a unicorn!  Pattern and idea from here.  We used white fabric and decorated them with fabric markers

.  then sew and stuff
our finished one :)

Here's what the original idea and pattern looks like...we were kind of close haha.  

Rainbow Necklaces out of Fruit Loops or unicorn cereal.  Fun way to practice fine motor skills.

3D unicorn- pattern and instructions found here.

Unicorn Toast- idea found here

Color a unicorn mask-idea from here

Letter and sound recognition game-found here.  It is editable so pick your own letters, sight words, etc.  I wanted to hit most of the letters so we used this dice I made-it has the numbers 1-3.  You can download a copy of the dice here.  

 We also did a letter U obstacle course using the the UP and down, UNDER AND OVER.  For example we went up the slide, down the latter, jumped over a ball,  went under the monkey bars.

Watched some unicorn books on youtube.  I didn't have any so this was a great option.  We watched 

You Don't Want A UnicornNot Quite Narwhal, and Goldilicious.

We made unicorn cookies from here.  This is her picture ours didn't turn out quit so pretty but the were tasty.

Learned how to draw a unicorn found here

You can find more fun unicorn ideas on our pinterst board.

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