Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How to Make a Rustic USA Wood Sign

I love anything red, white, and blue and with the 4th of July just a week away I needed some decor.  I love the rustic charm of this sign and it's something that can actually be displayed year round. 

I used my scroll saw to cut out the USA silhouette but if you do not have access to one don't worry you can use paint, vinyl, or some scrapbook paper (how gorgeous would floral be!).  It won't have the same look but it will still be pretty darn amazing.  

*I'm going to share how to make the USA part with a scroll saw but if you are going with another method adjust to your needs.*

Supply list:
plywood -for map cutout
wood cut to size for your sign
1x2s for frame
stain (optional)
painters tape
miter saw for frame
scroll saw for map cutout
nail gun and nails for frame
wood glue

To get started I googled USA silhouette.  Go with a basic one especially if you are going to be cutting it out with a saw.  Copy and paste in a word document and size to fit your project.  Print and trace on your board.  I used thin plywood for this part.  I used carbon copy paper to transfer image to wood.   

 With a scroll saw carefully cut along the lines.  Paint blue.  

Now for the sign.  Paint your entire board white and let it dry.  Use painters tape to tape off your stripes.  Remember under the tape will be white you are leaving the red area exposed right now.
 Paint red.  I used my cute little helper.  
 Once it's dry pull the tape off and it will look something like this.  Next I sanded the entire board to give it a distressed look.  
 To give it more of an old look I rubbed a little stain over the paint and wiped it off immediately.  I did this on the stripes and the blue.

I forgot to take pictures to build the frame but its pretty easy I promise.  You are going to use 1x2s (small side showing).  Measure the length of the top and bottom of your frame.  Mark and cut boards.  Put in place.  Then measure from the top of your frame to the bottom of your frame to come up with the side length (see picture below).  Mark and cut.  Stain or paint for boards.  Once they are dry use a nail gun to attach directly to your sign.

Use wood glue to attach your USA cutout and let it dry.

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