Thursday, June 15, 2017

Farmhouse Frame Tutorial

I am so excited about this frame and hope you are too!  I love the farmhouse look and have really been into the framing sign craze you see everywhere.  It doesn't quite work when you want to frame a picture though and this time I wanted the frame to more of a statement piece.  I knew I wanted to use this awesome cow print for my kitchen but this frame can really be used for anything.  I think it would be a gorgeous frame for family pictures.  It does take twice as much wood but it so worth it and depending on the size of your print its still around $1 maybe $2.  

Here's what you need: 
1x2x8 furring strips (these are the super cheap boards that are around $1).  You can use nicer wood.  *The amount needed is depends on the size of your print. 
wood glue
miter saw
Wood scraps (optional but very helpful)
nail gun
paint or stain
optional for the back-thin plywood and staple gun, and saw (jigsaw or scroll saw work best) or you can just tape your picture to the back. 

To start grab wood scraps and place on top of your picture  where you want your frame to hit on the sides.  I suggest giving yourself at least 1/4 inch on each side.
*If you do not have scrap pieces you an use anything you have on hand or you can measure the bottom and subtract 1/2" to get your next measurement.  I just like to do it the way above for visual purposes...easier to cut once.

Once you have your side boards in place measure the distance between the two boards.  Mark and cut your board.
Do the same for the top (should be the same length as bottom board.)  Now these two boards are going to be your guide for your side cuts.  Put in place (again at least 1/4 " in).
To get the lenght of your side boards you are going to measure from the very bottom of the bottom board to the very top of the top board (check picture below for reference).  mark and cut.  Do for both sides.
You should end up with something like this.  Sand.  Then paint or stain.
Next grab your wood glue and glue the 4 corners together.  Let it dry overnight (or if you are inpatient like me give a couple hours)

You can stop here if you want.  Its adorable but if you want to add a little something keep going.
This time the small side of your wood is going to be the side showing.  Lets start with the top and bottom pieces.  Measure the top of your frame mark on  your new board and cut.
Do the same for the bottom.
For the sides you are going to measure from the top of the top board to the bottom of the bottom board (just like last time just remember to have your new boards with the small side up!)

When you have your boards cut  it will look like this put together.

A little close up.

Stain your boards and use a nail gun to attach.  This is what your finished frame will look like.
Now you can tape your picture to the back or if you want it a little sturdier here's another option.
Tape your picture to the thin plywood and trace around your picture.  Cut out using your saw of choice.  I taped my picture to the plywood so it wouldn't slip but  you can just sandwich it between the back of the frame and the plywood.  Staple plywood to the back of the frame.  One word of caution...know where your staples will enter the wood.  I miscalculated and missed the frame putting visible holes in my picture.  Luckily I could shift the picture enough that it is hidden.  I would hate for you to do the same thing.
You really want it thin if you are going to hang it on the wall.

Enjoy your new frame.

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