Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trash to Treasure Chalkboard

I've been wanting a big chalkboard for a long time and I finally made one from something a little unexpected.

Before and after.

Not bad for a free chalkboard right?!?  The wood and frame were made using my kids old easel and I already had paint and stain.
 I was ready to toss this.  I bought it at a yard sale years ago and its seen better days. It was covered in marker and crayon and we got a new one for Christmas.  I realized the chalkboard was not too bad so I was in the middle of taking it apart when I realized with a little work the wood around it could be changed to the farmhouse look I wanted.  Much easier then building my own frame.
 I was able to detach the front (chalkboard side) from the back with a little bit of work.  Then I headed out side and cut the legs and top little pieces off using my miter saw.  I cut as close to the edge as  could.  Next I sanded the wood just enough to get the crayon and marker off.  
Next I taped off my chalkboard and painted the entire frame white.  
 Then I applied stain on top of the paint.  I did one side at a time and wiped it off immediately.  I did this step twice to get a darker color.  I used ebony stain.  

 Here's how it looks with the paint and stain.  Its a pretty grayish color.

 Now I just need to work on my handwriting skills but I love it.  

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