Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How to display your favorite photos with an old window

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This has been on my to do list quite a while.  Well ever since I saw this post from Bless'er house and this episode of fixer upper.
Bless'er House
Fixer Upper
I just love the look.  Bless'er house offered these free printable on her blog and I love, love, love them.  
I started off with this black window.  Okay I have a confession this is not a real window but it probably is 20 years old and I love it.  Its been through multiple makeovers and this one is my favorite.

A little before and after.

So if you are lucky enough to have a real window you are good to go.  If not you can always use a picture frame or build a wood frame to do something similar.  You will not have the dividers but it will still be beautiful.  

I started by painting it all white.  I did two light coats to let some of the black show through.  To get this look you can paint or stain your board a dark color first then paint it white.

I used this string and just hot glued it to the back.  Make sure you pull it tight. Print out your pictures or printables (the ones I used are found at the end of this post)
I wanted something small and light to hang my pictures.  These were perfect and are stained in my favorite color.
 That's it.  You can add 2 strings in each space to use smaller pictures or if you are using a frame add as many as you want based on your picture size.  Here's a few more pictures.

Close up of the printables

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