Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kid's Craft: Love Wreath

Here's a project we made a few years ago.  It was on my preschool blog that I don't use any more and decided to move some of my favorite here so they are easier to find.  This is a favorite and plan to make a new one (with a few changes) this year.
Yesterday Aubrey made this cute wreath full of people she loves and love her. It was really simple and a fun project. The night before she told me several people she loved. I found pictures on our computer and copied them into a word document. I then used the shape option to make them into hearts and sized them to 2". I printed them on card stock and cut them out. I also cut the center of a paper plate out. Aubrey colored the plate (hard to see in the picture-she used yellow). I then gave her glue, her hearts, and buttons and let her put them where ever she wanted. Once it was dry I added a ribbon to hang.

This idea came from no time for flashcards

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