Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Science Camp Activity Days

This was a really fun activity we did for activity days but it also works for any type of science camp or fun family or class activity.  It covers the requirements on education.  I will admit this one did take a little bit of set up time but it was so much fun.  Here's my quick outline and on the bottom my two outdoor experiments we did.  
The coloring pages I used can be found here. The video clip can be found here.  The handout is included in the download at the end of this post.

I had all of the science centers set up in the kitchen.  We had 4 stations.  Each station had the supplies and a cute card like this with the instruction.  (Included in the download-print, cut the cards apart, and fold in half).  This worked really well so the girls could do the experiment more independently and not wait on me to explain each one.  Also they worked in groups of two or three and this was much better then trying to do all of them together.  We had three groups and they rotated to the next station as they finished.

We made applesauce slime

erupting lemons

skittles experiment

colorful baking soda

Outside as a group we made exploding bags
 and the famous diet coke and mentos experiment.  I did buy this to make it easier.

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