Tuesday, September 24, 2019

23 Easy and Healthy on the Go meals

I have a great resource to share with you today! Its something I wish I had this summer when we went on our long 10 hour road trip.  I was going to just save it for our holiday travels but as I was scrolling through the list I realized it is also perfect for our busy sports days, school lunch boxes, and quick lunch and snack ideas for my kids.  CarRentals created an amazing list of 23 healthy road trip meals that will save you time, money, waste, and your health!
I have pretty picky eaters and there are several options that my kids would love and they are easy enough that they can make them!  This is perfect for after school snacks.  One of my favorite ideas is the necklace snack.  I'm going to be using it for this adorable 1 year old to keep her entertained during her brother and sister's soccer games.  Its probably a little bit healthier then this snack I caught her with the other day :)

So whether you are on the road trip you have been dreaming about or running from one practice to the next these snack and meal ideas will help save you money and time. Check out the full 23 recipes here and see below for helpful packing tips.

Real Meals on the Road

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