Saturday, July 13, 2019

Come Follow Me: Acts 10-15 (July 15-21)

Good Morning!  I hope you are having a wonderful summer weekend :)  Today I have some fun lesson helps to go with Come Follow Me for the week of July 15-21.  We are covering Acts 10-15.  There are so many stories in these chapters it was hard to narrow down.  I hope you find something that will work for your family or primary class.

Acts chapter 10 we are going to talk about revelation (for the church and ourselves) and that Heavenly Father loves all of his children.  Peter was the prophet at the time and he had a vision revealing that they should teach the gospel to everyone.

Revelation-I thought President Nelson's talk from April 2017 goes perfect with this theme. He talks about revelation for the church (towards the beginning of the talk) and revelation for ourselves (2nd half of the talk).

I have used this talk a couple of times and this  game would be great for this week.

Option one Board Game Find this game here

Option 2-Same idea but life size board (find it here)

In this weeks download I included some bookmarks with the steps from the game.  it is the perfect size for scriptures.

9th Article of Faith is about revelation.  Cut the words apart and see if you can put them in the right order.  You can also work on memorizing it by taking a word or two out as a time. Update:  I forgot one of the "that"s but the file has now been updated.  I snuck it in that empty spot so I wouldn't have to redo the whole page.  Thank you to the sweet reader that caught my error :)

Acts 10:34–35 Jesus Loves all of his children. "In Peter’s time some people believed that God loved only some groups of people, but Peter learned that God loves all of His children, and He wants all of them to learn the gospel." (primary manual)

In the Manual it said  "It might be interesting to try a simple activity for the next few days: Whenever you interact with someone, try to think to yourself, “This person is a child of God.” As you do this, what changes do you notice in the way you think about and interact with others?"  I thought this would be a great challenge to try for the week.  I included a page to write or draw some of your experiences or feelings.

I love using songs to teach.  This week we are going to learn the song "I'll walk with you."  Print and cut the cards apart.  I like to hole punch and use a book ring to bind.  After we are done I put it in our church bag and my kids love looking at our mini books during sacrament meeting.  I did include a black and white version so you they can make their own mini books.  If anyone is interested in full pages for this song let me know and I'll add it.
Coloring page and question page.

Acts 11:26

In one of President Nelson's General Conference talks he talked about the importance of using the full name of our church.  I thought this went well with Acts 11:26 (they were called Christians). I found This great page in the friend a while back.  I took the wording from the friend and turned it into a game.  To start-if possible read or play some of President Nelson's talk.  I love to use any chance I can to have the children hear the prophet speak. There are a few different spots that would work well.  One suggestion would be after the first list where it says "Joseph Smith did not name the church..." Okay now on to the game. You will need to print the picture of the prophet, the question and answer cards, and the 5 quote bubbles.

Cut the question cards apart.  Mix them up and set them in a pile.

Cut out the Answer cards and glue to the back of the corresponding quote bubble.  

 Place the quote bubbles with number side facing outward on a wall or the floor.  Now you are ready to  play.  Have two players stand next to each other (in front of the numbers or across the pick).  Draw a card and read the question, then the number below it.  Have to two people race to find the correct number and slap it.  The first person it hit it wins.  Read the answer on the back and place next to picture of President Nelson.  There is not a question card for number 5.  It is a quote from the talk.  You can have someone pick it up and read it or you can have them race to it as well.

Here are a couple of coloring pages to go with this topic.  The page with the church has space for the kids to draw a picture of themselves going to church.

I love the story of the angel helping Peter escape from prison (in Acts 12:1–17) I included some cute character hats that can be used to act out the story.  This would also be a good time to teach about Heavenly Father answering our prayers and why we pray for others.

UPDATE:  I had a reader request this quote.  It is now included in the download.  You can also right click on the picture below and save to your computer.  This way you can resize or send it to your favorite print shop.  Please remember all of my printables are for personal use only :)

 That's it for this week.  If you have an questions or have trouble with the download please let me know.  Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. You're amazing! May Heavenly Father continue to bless you for all the work you do for us to learn from the "Come Follow Me" lessons. I'm a Primary teacher and am blessed to have come across your site!!

  2. Thank you! Again, I'm grateful for your hard work!

    1. You are very welcome! I'm happy to share :)

  3. Wow, I am so glad that I found your account! You do amazing work! Thank you for sharing your hard work and talent with us all.

  4. Another awesome week! Thank you so much for all you do!

  5. I am totally using some of this for my youth sunday school class 19-17 year olds! They are just little kids in big kid bodies! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!