Thursday, July 18, 2019

Big Bad Wolf Blow Art

Last week we had our Fairy Tales mini camp and it was so much fun.  One of their favorite activities was this big bad wolf craft project.  I love that it gave them freedom to create and also a chance to try a new painting technique.
Seriously how cute is this picture!

We started by drawing/creating a house on one side of our paper.  I set out crayons, makers, colored paper, scissors, and glue.  They were able to use any of the supplies to create their house.

Then we cut, colored and glued the wolf to the opposite side of our paper.
 Next add a few drops of liquid water colors (affiliate link)  between the wolf and the house (closer to the wolf so you have room to blow.)  Use a straw and blow the paint towards the house.  Your little ones will have so much fun watching the paint spread as they blow it like the big bad wolf.
 Here are a few more finished projects.

Want to create your own?  Grab this download.  It has instructions, material list, and the wolf template for free!

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