Monday, January 4, 2021

Come Follow Me: Joseph Smith History 1:1-26


I'm so excited to share these new free Come Follow Me lesson helps with you.  This week we are coving Joseph Smith History 1:1-26.  This week we are going to talk about the First Vision, prayer, and how our prayers can be answered through the scriptures.  You can find all of the fun activities in the download below.  

Download the free printables Here

For the topic of prayer we are doing a fun family night. Our family will be watching a video about Joseph Smith and making individual pizzas.  Why pizza you might ask?  We are going to compare prayer to ordering a pizza. I found this article a few years ago and loved this concept.  You wouldn't call a pizza place, say "I want a pizza," and hang up. You would give them detail such as what type of crust, toppings, how many pizzas, etc. What about when we pray? Do we just say a few things and then hop into bed and that's the end? Using this concept we are going to discuss the why its important to add details to our prayers, and then listening and acting when we receive an answer. And you can't talk about pizza without eating pizza :)

I've also posted some activities based on the First Vision in the past that would be perfect for this week.

This story sequence is one of my favorites.  You can find it in this post. You can find additional ideas in this post or use the search bar.

Download in German: Material hier herunterladen

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