Sunday, August 30, 2020

Come Follow Me Lesson Helps: Helaman 13-16


Happy Sunday!  I hope you week has been great.  We've been busy with all things school.  

This week during our Come Follow Me scripture study we are going to be discussing Samuel the Lamanite.  You may notice a theme as you scroll through the activities of hearts and arrows.  In these chapters we learn the the spirit speaks to us in our hearts.  We are going to discuss ways we can draw closer to the spirit and allow the Spirit to speak to us or are we sometimes allowing things to prevent us from letting the Spirit in our lives (these are the arrows).  
I hope you find something that works for your family or primary class.  If you have any questions or trouble with the download please let me know.

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  1. Your site is my first stop in looking for FHE and at-home lesson helps. And, a lot of times, I can turn your activities into file-folder activities to use at church (whenever we go back.) Thanks for sharing your talents with us!