Sunday, November 10, 2019

Come Follow Me: Hebrews 7-13 (November 11-17)

I'm sorry for the unexpected break last week.  I had planned to have something posted before I left but was hit with awful stomach pain the day before I left on my trip.  Luckily it eased up quite a bit before I left.  So I am very sorry about that.  I went on my very first vacation alone in probably forever :)  My sister had a baby and my husband surprised me with a plane ticket to go visit her.  He took care of all of our kids and I had a great time hanging out with family, watching a lot of Halmark, went to Waco, and snuggling an adorable baby :)  It was so much fun but good to be back.

(any other fixer upper fans?!?)

This week we are focusing on Hebrews 11 and faith.  In a letter to the Hebrews Paul teaches the importance of having faith.  Ask your family "What is faith?"  Then read Hebrews 11:1  Breifly share the story of Noah emphasis that that he built an ark even though he could not see any rain.  He had faith.
Watch the video of the song “Build anArk.”   If you would like to learn the words to this song I did include the lyrics and some cute mini posters to help you.  The posters are 4 to a page.  Cut and place in order.  

Activity: Grab pillows and blankets and build your own ark in the living room.  As you add a pillow or blanket share a way you can build your faith in Jesus Christ.
Then gather as a family inside your ark.  Search Hebrews 11 for other people mentioned that showed great faith. 
What do we learn about faith from Noah? Why do we need to build our faith?

If you don't want to build an ark this match game would also be fun.  After you find a match share a way you can build your faith.  
Noah's Ark Animal match game There are 12 cute animals.  Print 2 (preferably on cardstock).  Cut and you are ready to play.

 For a little extra fun print out Noah and his boat.  Cut the entrance out.  As the kids find a match let them help the animals board the ark :)

 I placed the boat in front of an open box but anything that will hold it up straight will work.

 The cards fit perfectly if turned at an angle.
 We like to do activities like this during preschool and my kids LOVE it!

That is all for this week.  If you have any questions or trouble with the download please don't hesitate to ask!


  1. I super love it!! Thank you so much!!!!💕

  2. What a fun idea! Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you!! I LOVE MAGNOLIA!! I took a girls trip there one year ago this past weekend. IT WAS A BLAST! I'm so happy your husband did that for you and that you got to snuggle that baby. 💗

    1. Thank you Amber! It really was a lot of fun. It really is the perfect girls trip :)

  4. You are so generous, so creative and so totally awesome. You are a blessing to me and to the kiddos I teach. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your talents so freely. You have made me a better teacher than I could ever be alone. Thank you for being our teaching angel ��❣️❣️❣️.

    1. Thank you Lizzie you are so sweet. This totally made me smile so big :)

  5. This is amazing! Now with only about 20 minutes to teach primary class this should just about do it! I am working full time this week and was worried about coming up with something by Sunday. There were so many possibilities in this week's lesson and sometimes the more options there are the harder it becomes. So this is perfect. You are awesome!