Thursday, October 3, 2019

Fun General Conference Activities for your little ones

I'm really excited to share some fun ideas to keep your little ones entertained and dare I say listen to General Conference.  Its a long time for little ones to sit and it can be difficult for you to hear the speakers if they do not have something to do.  There are so many amazing resources available with Conference themes that I didn't really want to reinvent the wheel (is that the right saying haha) and took a little bit of a different approach.  I did link to a ton of great ideas towards the end of the post as well.  My main goal with these activities is to keep the kids in the room and to hopefully listen.  You never know what will touch their hearts.  I decided to take some pictures of the activities in action this time instead of my normal digital images.  I'm not a photographer but hope they help.

The first activity is 2 puzzles.  Print and cut on the lines.

My kids love word searches so I did include one.

 This next activity will have your kids listening for key words.  If they hear that word they can color, cross out, use dot markers, etc in one circle.  See if they can fill out the whole page or turn it into a race and see which word is said the most.  (Words from top to bottom: Jesus Christ, prayer, temple, baptism, sacrament)

Another listening activity.  This time when they hear the word they can color the boxes with the correct number.  I know many can't read so I included a key with pictures as well. For example if they hear they word prophet.  They will color all of the number 4's.  To make it harder only let them color one box each time they hear the word.

The next two ideas go with our preparing for General Conference Hot Chocolate idea.  To stick with this theme I made some recipe cards.  You will need to gather some supplies but use what you have.  For the hot cocoa I used  brown pom poms, white poms for whip cream, mini marshmallows for marshmallows, and glass gems for sprinkles.  Again use what you have your kids won't care and will love it.  The idea is to pick a recipe card and count out the ingredient into the cup.  They can stir and pretend to drink it.  Then sort back into place and create another cup of hot chocolate.  My kids love these and it keeps them entertained for a while.

You can also open a Hot Chocolate shop.  There are some fun printables for them to play with.  I like to tape the open sign to the table.  The menu has a spot for them to write their prices.  The order form I laminate (or use a sheet protector) and they can write on it with a dry erase marker over and over again.  You can use with the recipe cards above, any play food your may have, or I might try some hot chocolate play dough I think i saw on pinterest once.

Speaking of playdough I have some fun playdough mats.  print, laminate (if possible), and then create the design right on top of the mat.

Last is the treat buckets.  This is not a new idea but I wanted to create some quick and easy labels to print (there are 6).  The idea is to have key words they are listening for and if they hear it they get a treat from that bucket.  I am really loving having a listening aspect to a lot of these activities.  I think I will use 3 the first day and the other 3 the second day to keep them on their toes and so they aren't completely stuffed with candy :)

We also love to have a puzzle going and I plan to make some fun fall desserts and we are still deciding on a craft.  It rarely goes as planned and that's okay. I just tuck the activities away for next time.  As always if you have any questions or trouble with the download please don't hesitate to ask.  Have a wonderful conference weekend :) 

If you are looking for some additional ideas here are some fun ideas
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    1. Thank you for letting me know! It should be fixed now. My internet was spotty yesterday and I don't think it uploaded correctly. Sorry about that :)

  2. These are awesome! Thank you! I wish I had thought to look here before conference... I will be ready for next conference nice and early now. :) I hope you are all feeling better soon!