Thursday, August 1, 2019

Create Your Own ABC Book

We are only a month away from school starting.  I have a little one headed to Kindergarten this year.  In fear that she may have forgotten many of those need to know before kindergarten concepts we are reviewing a letter day until school begins.

Each day we create a page for our ABC book.  We practice the sound and letter recognition and then brainstorm words that begin with that letter.  She loves to draw and write so that's what we are doing (plus is sneaks in additional letter practice).  We are going to combine all the pages to make her very own book! You can download our ABC book template and create your own book.  If you don't want to draw like we are you can cut and glue pictures, rainbow write the letter, fill in the letters with different materials, or use construction paper to create adorable letter crafts.

In addition to our book we are doing an activity or two that corresponds with that letter.  For the letter A we tried the apple volcano science experiment. 

 And used the smash art technique to create aliens.  You know where you paint one half of your picture and then fold the paper together. Squish it flat so when you open it you have a duplicate image on both sides of your paper.  We planned to add googly eyes and use sharpies to finish our aliens but they thought their pictures were perfect and didn't want to :)

Letter B day we were busy so we made our page in our book and bounced a beach ball on the trampoline.

You do not have to do a letter a day.  Maybe you want to do a letter a week or use your book through out the year.  As you start a new theme add some of your new vocabulary words to the book.  Its open ended so you can really create and use the book to fit the needs and style of learning for your family or class.

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