Friday, April 5, 2019

Come Follow Me:Matthew 16-17, Mark 9, and Luke 9 (Part 2) April 1-14

I'm so excited for General Conference this weekend!  I'd love to hear your favorite parts.  Leave me a comment with you favorite talks, quotes, or thoughts here or on my facebook page.  Today I'm sharing part 2 for Come Follow Me lesson covering Me:Matthew 16-17, Mark 9, and Luke 9.  You can find part 1 here.  We are on spring break this week so this is going to be a quick one.  

Priesthood Keys: Matthew 16:13–1917:1–9 (I found studying the Bible Dictionary very helpful)  We are going to start by watching the video “Priesthood Keys: The Restoration of Priesthood Keys”  I love the idea in the I&F manual that suggests using Elder Gary E. Stevenson talk "Where are the keys and Authority of the Priesthood?" to teach about the importance of the priesthood.  He begins with an experience of loosing his keys after skiing with his family and shares an analogy of how our car keys are like priesthood keys.  I plan to use the first part of his talk, play the game below, and finish with the first three paragraphs under conclusion.  

To play the game you will need to print the page of keys (one for each person that wants to play). Black and white option included.  You can also print the lock but its optional.  We are going to play "Where are the keys" just like the game hot and cold. One person will leave the room and 1 key will be hidden.  Invite the person back into the room and give them clues to find the key by saying hot if they are getting closer to the key and cold if they are moving further away.  Once the key is found write a blessing that comes from the priesthood (blessings, sacrament, etc.)  Glue it to the page with the lock.  Continue playing until all of the keys have been found.

Matthew 17:19–20-A mustard see of Faith
This first idea came from the primary manual. "Place a picture of a mountain on one side of the room, and write on it words like fear, doubt, or worry. Ask the children to name some things they can do to gain more faith in Jesus Christ. Let each child who suggests something move the mountain closer to the other side of the room."  We are going to use this idea but I wanted to make it a little more interactive by adding yarn.  The idea is to string yarn (string or whatever you have will work) from one side of the room to the other.  I tied one end to a door knob and taped the other end to the wall.  I included a mountain that you can cut out.  There is a front and a back side.  Just like the manual suggests write some "mountains" in our lives.  (There is a great quote from Bishop Richard C. Edgely in the I&F manual under ideas for family scripture study that can give you some ideas.) Take turns moving the mountain along the yarn.  I added clothes pins as a stopping point.  Once you reach the clothes pin share a way we can increase our faith.  Remove the clothespin and the next person can push the mountain along.
 I wasn't sure the extra work of adding the yarn was worth it until I saw my daughters reaction.  She was immediately interested and wanted to try it.

As a follow up activity we are going to create our own moving mountain coloring page.

Here's a quick tutorial.  Print the scripture page and the mountain page.  I used cardstock but regular paper will work it just won't be as sturdy.
 Hole punch the two ends and cut yarn so its longer then your paper.
 Loop the yarn though the two holes and tape to the back.
 Cut out the mountain but leave the tops connecting.  One side will be shorter then the other (this will be the back).  Fold at the top of the mountain and loop around the string.  Tape the back.  I did need to trim the back mountain after I folded it.  
 The mountain will now slide across the string.  Take some time to color or draw some ways we build faith.
 If you have mustard seeds glue one on your page.  

 That's it for this week.  I can't wait for General Conference tomorrow.  I do have some fun mini note cards that I'll be posting later.  If you didn't get to part one (testimonies and revelation) you can find it here.


  1. Thank you so much for your work and ideas!

  2. I appreciate everything you do! You make Come Follow Me with young kids easy and meaningful. Thank you