Thursday, September 6, 2018

I can Pay Tithing (Primary 2, Lesson 33) Free Lesson Helps

Here are a few free primary lesson helps for Lesson 33, I can pay tithing.  You can find all of the printables at the end of this post.  Each activity goes right along with the lesson that you can find here.  This would also be a really fun Family Home Evening on tithing or print some of the activities for your church bag like the file folder game, matching game, or coloring page.

This first activity goes with the attention activity and activity after that.  You can bring in real coins or I have a page of cute coins you can print out.  Instead of a sign I created a cute file folder game (you don't have to put in in a file folder-I often just set them side by side)

Have the children place 9 coins on the save or spend page and 1 on the tithing page.  I also included  a page of cards with different amounts of money and extra page of coins (you'll need to print 3 if using the cards).  It would be a fun way to practice.

Story cards.  Print and cut apart.  Use these with or without the box suggestion in the lesson.

 Template to make the box suggested.  Print on cardstock.  Cut along the dark lines and fold along the dotted lines.  Glue or tape together.  I have to confess I added the divider part to the printable after I printed and put together the box.  I think it will be the right size but no guarantees :)  This can be used to tell the story like the lesson suggests (use the coins from the first activity).  
You can also print one for each member in your class and let them decorate and put it together (goes with enrichment activity #3).  My kids saw this and loved it but it might be a little tough with a large group or a young group. If you are feeling ambitions your class with love it but I also made a couple more options that I think are pretty fun as well.

A tithing envelope to put together and decorate.  Still something to hold their tithing in but much easier to prepare.
Or a cute coloring page.  If you want you can give each child one of the coins from the first activity to glue over the coin on their page.

 This last idea goes with enrichment activity #1 discussing ways tithing money is used.  I have 9 cards with a different way on each that you can print and cut apart.  Here are 2 ways to use them...#1 print 2  of this page on cardstock and use as a match game.  #2-use for pictionary. Make sure you discuss the cards as you play either game.


  1. Thank you so much for the tithing envelope template! Great idea and a lot easier than the printable tithing boxes for my 4 yr olds!

    1. You are welcome! I was thinking the same thing :)

  2. Thank you for all you do to help us with our lessons. You are amazing!!

    1. You are very welcome! Thanks for your sweet comment :)