Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I am Wise When I Choose the Right (Lesson 36, Primary 2)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  I have some fun Lesson Helps for you this week.  They go right along with lesson 36, I am wise when I choose the right.  You can find the lesson here.  You can find all these printables in one download free at the end of this post. Just a heads up I included a black and white option for 2 of the activities...sometimes you just need to save on ink.  So when you download and print make sure you are only selecting the pages you need and don't end up with two copies of those activities.  Also if you have any questions about an activity (I'm not sure if I explained one very well this week), ever have trouble downloading any of my documents, or have some lesson help requests please let me know :)  I hope you find something that is helpful for your class this week.

2 Signs.  Print and attach to a Popsicle stick (optional)  You can use these through out the lesson.  Introduce at the end of the attention activity.  Hold up the correct sign as you share the story about Harry.  You can also use them during the game below or if you choose to do the game described in the lesson these work for that as well.

Interactive Scripture Story Cards.  Print the 2 page that say wise man and foolish man.  Also print the pages with the 2 houses and the rain. Cut the houses and rain out.  (Available in color and black and white in case you want to save some ink!  Print what you need :)  

You can use these a couple of different ways.  Easiest put the two Wise/foolish pages on the board and add the pieces of the story with magnets or tape.    Another fun idea would be to add popcicle sticks to the houses and the rain.  Cut a small slit under the wise man to slide his house in place-you want it kind of snug.  Cut a larger hole under the foolish man to slide his house in place.  You can either tip his house over or make the hole big enough that it will slide right through.
I haven't printed mine yet but let me give you a quick visual so you know what I'm talking about :)

You'll have 2 pages that look like this (the other says foolish man).  Leave these as they are except the for the hole you cut below each person (optional!)

As you tell the story place the house directly over each person.  Again this can either be taped directly on or use the Popsicle stick method.  Then the rain comes.  Hold above or tape to your board. This house stays still

The foolish man's house will either tip over and look like this when you are done or if you decide to make the hole big enough for it to slide though it will completely disappear.
Hope that helps but use however you want!

For the Activity section I decided to make a board game instead of drawing cards this week. Print the board game, print and assemble the dice (or bring your own), bring playing pieces for each team. 
Divide into teams and take turns rolling the dice.  The first team to make it through wins.  (These are the same scenarios suggested in the lesson.)  You can decide if you want to just play through of if there will be a reward or consequence for different choices.  For example on a foolish choice you must go back one space.  You can also have the team hold up the signs from above to let you know if they think its a wise of foolish choice.

 Wise Man Review Game: Goes with Enrichment activity #1 and review discussion in the lesson.  Print the Wise Men, Camels, and review questions.  Cut all of them out.  Glue the review questions to the back of the wise men and camels.  Before class hide these around the room.  Follow enrichment suggestion and talk about the 3 wise men.  Then have your class hunt for the wise men and their camels.  As each one is found read and answer the question on the back.  (These are available in color and black and white! Just print what you need)

Coloring page: Goes with Enrichment activity #2

For the 3rd Enrichment activity you can use the houses above instead of building blocks.  If using water you might want to laminate them if you want to reuse them later.


  1. I love your lesson helps! They are wonderful and my class enjoys them also. I tried to download the helps for this lesson, but the link isn't opening. It's not even saying that it's an option to open the link. I hope that makes sense. Thank you again for making these!!

    1. I am so sorry!!! I forgot to actually link the document. Its fixed and I hope its not to late! Thank you so much for letting me know.

    2. No worries! I don't have to teach this lesson until the week after General Conference, I was just looking ahead. Thank you again!