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August Week 2 Sharing Time

Family Home Evening Strengthens my Family (You can find the outline here)
To start I am going to use the some of the Hatch Patch's ideas and pictures (you can find it here).  I am going to start with her tug of war idea the show the word strips Family Home Evening Strengthens my family.  
Explain that Joseph F Smith started Fhe in 1915 and promised "great blessings" for holding regular Family Home Evening.  Almost 100 years later our prophet stills testifies Family Home evening will strengthen our family (words from outline) Show picture of Joseph F Smith and Thomas S Monson.  (Also here)

Next we are going to play a fun game called Zap (idea found here)  I modified it just a little bit.
Divide the primary into two teams.  Each team will pick a number.  Read the question that corresponds with the number.  If they answer it correctly the team gets a point and gets to open the bag with the same number.  (IF they miss the other team gets  chance to answer).  Inside each bag is a card that will either give them more points, take away points or Zap some ones points (zap means all points are lost).
Here's a sample of some of my cards.  I used most of the ideas at the end of this post.  (however I did not leave any blank) 
Instead in 6 of them I included parts of Joseph F. Smiths talk pertaining to FHE.  (I purchased this kit so I used the pictures that went with it.  You can always make your own or just add word strips).  I will be adding the pictures to the board as we find them.

Play until you run out of bags or time runs out.

I've included my list of trivia questions, my numbers (cut and attach with clothes pin), zap sign (display on board) and list of quotes from the talk.  This game would be very easy to change for any Sharing time theme or  for family night. 

Zap questions
1.Jr. Who is your favorite prophet? Sr. What can we learn from him?
2.Name 1 or 3 Latter day prophets
3.Recite 1 article of Faith of your choice
4.Who did Joseph Smith see when he prayed in the Sacred Grove?
5.How can you help make your family strong?
6.Name 1 or 3 people in the Book of Mormon
7.Name 1 or 3 people in the bible
8.What is your favorite scripture story
9.Jr. How old do you need to be before you can be baptized? Sr. How are we baptized?
10.T or F I can return to live with Heavenly father even if I don’t repent.
11.Recite 1 article of Faith of your choice
12.What are 2 things you can pray for?
 13.How often should we have Family Home evening and when?
14.Jr. Who is your favorite prophet? Sr. What can we learn from him?
15.Name 1 or 3 of the current apostles
16.How can you help make your family strong?

Quotes from Talk
The whole family should be invited to Family Home Evening

There can be prayers, music, and scripture-reading

Lessons can be about family, the gospel, everyday problems, family rules, home, the church, the country you live in or how to get along with others with lessons for smaller children made especially for them.

Light refreshments can be served that you can make at home.

Family Home evening shouldn't be formal or stiff but relaxed and comfortable.

Then, we are promised that there will be love in our homes and children will be more obedient to parents.  The young people will have more faith and be able to fight against the evil and temptations of the world.

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