Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Crafting with Olivia: Princess crown and wand

 This is the first addition of Crafting with Olivia and hope to have my cute crafty little girl pop in again soon!  Olivia is 6 years old and Loves, loves, Loves to join me in the craft room.  She likes all things sparkly and pretty.  She likes to work with mama
Today Olivia is going to teach you how to make a princess crown and wand.
You will need: paper, pencil, pins, felt, stick (dowel), headband, wedding stuff (tulle), hot glue gun, and pretty stuff to decorate with.

First you need to draw a star.  Have your mommy pin it to felt.  .

Then cut out the star.  You need two one for the front and one for the back

 Also cut out a crown.
 Decorate your star and crown.  I used stickers, flowers, and jewels.  My mom used hot glue to stick them on.  Tie your wedding stuff (tulle) to your headband.  I put some on my wand too.  Glue your crown to the top of your headband.  Glue your stars together with a stick in the middle. 

We are now done!  Its time to dress up!
See you later.

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  1. Oh my gosh that is so adorable. Shaylee's 5th birthday is this Friday. I'm totally helping her make this for her party Saturday. :)Cute! Cute!