Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Free Woodland Animal Prints

I'm so excited to share these new woodland prints with you!  If you've been here for a while or maybe coming from my old prints you may know that I use to have a huge set of woodland printables but recently found out I can no longer share them for free.  I was so sad but decided to use this oportunity to create some new prints for you!   I have to say I absolutely LOVE these new ones and hope you do too.  This amazing clip art comes from Prettygrafik design and ClipArtisan.  

Each animal comes in two different background options the dark wood or the rustic blue.  Click on the link below the picture to take you to the correct color option.  Save to your computer and print from home or your favorite print shop. All are sized as 8x10s.  Enjoy! 

*These are for personal use only please.*  

P.S. Little Girl Woodland Prints coming soon!!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

9 Free Thanksgiving Printables

Can you believe October is already over and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  This time of year is so fun but can be crazy busy.  I love decorating for the holidays and  Printables make it so easy and quick.  Pick your favorite/favorites, print, and frame. These are all sized as 8x10 prints.

*please note these are for personal use only*

 You have three options to download.  
1. click on the link below each picture and download to your computer.  Sized as 8x10
2. click on the picture.  Right click and save to your computer or copy and paste in a word document.  Sized as 8x10.  However you can always insert into a word document and resize to fit your needs.
Print from home or send to your favorite print shop.
3. click on the PDF link after the last printable This will allow you to easily print from your computer with out worrying about sizing.

Exclusive Prints
These next two prints are available to those that have subscribed to my newsletter. The watermark will not be on the print.   Check your latest email for the link to my exclusive prints.  These were just added to the Thanksgiving Folder.  If you need the code again or have any problems downloading the prints please contact me.

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November Visiting Teaching & General Conference Printables

November is a little tricky to create Visiting Teaching printables because you are picking a talk and quotes from General Conference.  There are so many amazing ones to choose from.  I decided I'm going to add a few of my favorites and maybe one will be your favorite too.  But if you have a quote or talk you just love and would like a printable for it please let me know!  I'd love to create and share some prints based on the quotes you would like to share with your sisters.  Just leave a comment or email me and I'll get to work...it may take me a day or two so please keep that in mind.  I'm excited to see how this goes and if its something I can continue to offer in the future.

This first set is from President Uchtdorf's talk in the General Women's Session.  It is such a great one on how our attitude effects our life.

This next one is from President Nelson's talk on The Book of Mormon.  There were so many quotes I loved that I just added them all.  

This last one has a few quotes from President Eyring's talk. I love that he talked about going forward without fear and also the best way to do this is by serving others.

As  continue to read and study the the talks for General Conference I hope to add more prints and please send me your favorite quotes.  I love giving handouts to the sisters I visit but especially with Conference talks I love to print them out to display in my house (framed, on the fridge, taped on my mirror, etc.)

To Print:
Click on the picture.  Right click to save to your computer.
Print at home or send it to your favorite place to print pictures.
If printing at home I like to insert the picture in a word document.  Size and print 3 or 4 to a page depending on how many you need.  
These are formatted as 5x7 but can easily be resized to fit your needs.

Friday, October 27, 2017

You are Stronger then you Realize (Free Printable)

Today just felt like a free printable day.  This is one of my favorite quotes.  I hope you love it as much as I do. 

To Print:
Click on the picture.  Right click to save to your computer.
Print at home or send it to your favorite place to print pictures.
If printing at home I like to insert the picture in a word document, size, and print on cardstock.
It is formatted as 5x7

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

F is for Frankenstein Mini Pack

There is still a few more days before Halloween and this is such a cute way to squeeze in some learning.  I love this Letter F Mini Packet  and you can download it here.  
*The downloaded version will not have the watermark.

First up is some Letter writing practice and coloring.  Seriously how cute is this little guy?  I also purchased a new font so I can make more writing practice sheets for my upcoming themes.  I'm so excited about this.

Next is a Halloween version of Simon Says.  Change the name to Frankie and you have the perfect themed game.  Use the ideas on this page or make up your own.  Either way it will be lots of fun.  You can also cut the ideas out and let the kids pick on from a jar.  
*As a little extra bonus you can cut out the adorable Fankenstein and use it to play hot and cold.  We did and it was a favorite!

The final game  is Roll a Frankenstein.  (the idea came from here) The idea is to take turn rolling  the dice and the first person to complete their Frankenstein wins!  You can adjust rules to the age group.  For example older kids I give them one roll if they have already rolled that number it moves on the the next player.  For the younger ones we give them some extra rolls until they get a new number.

I did include a template to create your own dice.  This has numbers on it not dots.  It is completely option-you can use dice from any board game you have at home. I wanted the kids to recognize what each number looks like and then on our Reference key (just below) they can count the dots to figure out what number they got.
This can be played two ways...
1. Is the less prep option.  Give each player a  piece of paper and pencil and let them draw their own Frankenstein.  Works great for older kids.  Everyone starts with a head.  
2. From construction paper cut out each piece before the game-1 set per player.   I stuck with basic shapes and we reviewed these before we started the game.
You will need:
 a mouth-not really a shape
eyes- oval in white and circle in black
 hair-triangles (I did 4 per set)
nose oval
 bolts point out the 2 rectanges
 scar 4 skinny rectangles
Face- green rectangle 
I did mine jumbo size so we could turn it into a craft after but you can make them much smaller.  After we played our game I let the kids glue their Frankenstein together.

  Its amazing how different and cute they all turned out.

You can find more of our preschool themes here and lots of great Halloween inspiration on our Fall preschool pinterest board.

Monsters Inc. Movie Night and Cookies

My 2 youngest just discovered Monsters Inc. and Monsters University.  Its been on non-stop for the past 2 weeks.  Its a good thing we all love these movies and to turn it into a fun movie night we made some popcorn and these yummy monster eye cookies.

Find the recipe (and some other cute monster themed treats) at Lil Luna.

Friday, October 20, 2017

How to update your old Vinyl Signs

Chances are you have some vinyl signs in your home that you once loved but now aren't sure if it still fits in with your decor.  Instead of tossing them lets try to give it a new look.

Here's one I had in my house.  I love the quote but the colors and overall look were not quite right.  The after is quite the transformation.

I love the farmhouse look but if its not quite your style you can still use the same method just tweek the colors and the amount of sanding to give it the look you love.

Here's the Before one more time.
 Paint your sign, vinyl, everything!  I used chalk paint but I've used acrylic paint and it worked.  You want it to be a light coat on the vinyl.
 Once its dry gently sand the top of the vinyl by hand. Use a small amount and try to go right across the top of the vinyl.  Sand to your desired look.  (If you don't want a distressed look I've used my finger nail and scraped  all the paint off the vinyl without touching any of my board).
This kind of shows you the difference between sanded and not sanded. 

You can also sand and distress the rest of your board.  If you need to touch up some of the paint.
You can leave it just like this or move on the the frame section.
Cut, stain, and assemble your frame.  I like to use gorilla glue to attach it to my board and then add a few nails with the nail gun for support.  On a frame this size you can really get away with just the glue (I've only done this with gorilla glue I can't promise other glues will hold.)
Enjoy your new/old sign.