Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Fall General Conference Activities

 Who is excited for General Conference this weekend? Me!!!  I have tons and tons of fun ideas for kids during General Conference  I've shared over the years but wanted to add in a couple more new ones this week.   This new download includes 3 new activities

1: simple board game.  Roll a dice and move the correct number of spaces. 

2: Matching game: for the littles print the mat and cards. Have them match the pictures.  For those ready for more of a challenge print just the cards and play like a traditional match game.

3: Listen and Color page.  Find and listen for the words written on the page.  When you hear the word color that part of the picture. 

Download Your Free Printables Here 

You can find more ideas for General Conference here, and here or use any of our past Come Follow Me activities.

Need a fun idea to prepare for Conference? Check out this post.

Let me know if you need any links or need anything else.

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