Thursday, July 8, 2021

July Holiday Calendar

 July is full of fun holidays you will love to celebrate with your kids.  It's such a great way to slow down and make memories.  We love to print and hang our calendar somewhere we can easily see and try and celebrate as many as we can.  We keep it super simple!  For example today is Video Game day and a Mario Kart tournament is schedule for after dinner.  On World Snake Day I have a fun paper plate craft planned.  On cow appreciation day we will probably walk to our neighbors house to see his baby cow and maybe practice our photography skills.  Yup super simple but so fun!  What holidays do you look forward to celebrating this month? I'd love for you to tag us in any of your pictures over on Instagram or share on our facebook page. Have fun this month!

Download your Free Holiday Calendar Here

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  1. You are really wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your talents, and for helping make our primary class time so special.