Thursday, April 2, 2020

General Conference Activities

I am so excited for General Conference this week end! Today I am sharing a few fun ideas to help keep your kids busy, quiet, and hopefully listening during General Conference.  You can find of the printables in one download at the end of this post.

The first page is a choice board.  It is full of quiet activities they can do during Conference.  You can even use it as a bingo and if they do 4 in a row they get a little prize :)  I know all of our families are different so I did include a blank board for you to fill in as well.  Some of the options like the sequence board can be found on my website or search past Come Follow me posts for tons of games, coloring pages, and other fun activities.

Find out who the mystery person using the pictures as clues.  Write down the first letter of each picture to reveal the person.  For example on the top card you would write O under the octopus, A under the apple, K under the kite, and S under the snake.  The person would be Oaks.  You can print and go OR cut the cards apart.  I was thinking I might laminate, cut, and put on a ring.  Then use a dry erase marker so they can be used over and over.
Book of Mormon Match game.  (I do have this posted on my website but included it for convenience).  Print on cardstock OR glue to colored paper so you can't see through the back.

I really like to encourage even the youngest to listen to Conference so I love these games.  The first page is a listen and color coloring page.  Once they hear the word they can color the picture.  The next two can be played with a dice and as you roll the number you cover the number with a pom pom (or something similar like cereal, buttons, etc) or you can color it.  Another option is to turn it into a listening game and use the next page as a key.  It has two different options so you can play more than once.  If you are using the tie board when you hear the word associated with the number one you would color a polka dot with the number 1.  Continue until all of the spots are covered.  Same idea with the spring bird page-for this one use dot markers, or x through the number.  You can also just cover them with pom poms and play multiple times.

Here's another listening game-this one I shared in October.  We used dot markers and filled in a circle each time we heard the word.  You can also use it as a race and see which word is said 4 times first!

Mini puzzles- cut out each box and along the lines down the center. 
 Mini Books for notes-There are 4 different covers options and you only need to print one of them. There is a box for the prophet and the apostles as well as some blank squares.  My daughter loves these and requests them each year.  She cuts them apart and staples it together to make a book.  You can always leave them as a full page and they are still awesome :)  When they are cut down it is easier to use the back side for additional notes.
 Last activity are spring play-dough mats.  Print and cut.  If you are going to use the play dough on the mat you will want to laminate them OR do not cut and place inside a sheet protector.  To use roll or smash  your dough on top of the mat to create the different designs.  Or use it as an example and create it next to your card. 
I hope some of these ideas help!  Also use the search bar and look for other general conference ideas I've shared in the past including our favorite conference bingo game. I like to set out a special basket with games, puzzles, and art supplies. We really keep it simple to be honest it is still a little crazy around here but we try haha.  If you have any questions or have some last minute requests please let me know!


  1. Thank you for the conference activities!

  2. Wow! Thank you SO much for sharing this!! I love the mystery person cards - such a fun idea and something my 6 year old can do! Thank you for sharing your talents.