Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Amazing activity for your Church Bag

I am always looking for something to add to my church bag that will keep my kids happy and quiet during Sacrament Meeting.  With 5 kids and my husband in the bishopric this is a must for me. These adorable books from KangaToys are perfect!  Right now she has a Book of Mormon and New Testament addition. They are so, so cute and fun!  They are requested every single week during church and often at home.  My kids absolutely love them.  These would be amazing to use as a quiet activity during General Conference or a great Easter gift.
Have you tried aqua brushes before?  They are absolutely mesmerizing. My kids kept yelling "wow" and "look at this!" Good thing we tested them out at home first :)  Another really cool thing about these books is there is a find the picture game.  My kids love hunting for the different items.
The pictures are so cute and once painted the colors are so vibrant and gorgeous!  I love that they are reusable (they dry quickly).  Also that its a very clean activity-No mess at all!  You just use water. For church I fill the brushes a head of time and toss both books and brushes in a gallon sized Ziploc bag. Super easy!
A huge thank you to Michelle from KangaToys for sending us these books to try.  After testing them out for a month I can safety say these books are amazing!  I am hoping she comes out with some more books so I can purchase them for our collection.
You can find them here

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