Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Goal sheet (printable) & FHE idea

While flipping through The Friend (a children's magazine put out by our church) this month this story caught my eye.
  Its about a young boy that was in a terrible accident and the strength he had to relearn how to walk, talk, ride a bike, etc.  I shared this with my children and we talked about how difficult this would be and how hard he must of worked.  I then moved to the conversation to them...what are somethings that are hard for them, what are some things you want to improve on, what are some ways you can do that.  I hope it helped them realize that they can accomplish these goals IF they put the work into it.
We finished by using the printable below to make some goals for this month.  The numbers were used to write specific things they were going to do to accomplish the goal.  

I made a few different ones and you are welcome to use them :)  Copy and paste in a word document.  They are sized to fit the full page or you can shrink them down to fit your needs.

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