Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer of Fun Plan

We have a week left of school and I've been having fun pinning so many fun ideas to do with my kids this summer. However, I am really good at finding ideas its the "doing" that doesn't always happen.  This year we are going to try something new.  I keep seeing all of these fun schedules and thought this might be the perfect solution.  For me it makes the planning easy and my kids are so excited.  They helped me come up the days and a few ideas for each one.
Here's of plan
There are also many others all over pinterest, the days didn't quite work for us so I made my own.

On Monday we will be choosing a craft from one of our many pinterest boards, free art, or learning a new skill (sewing, crocheting, etc.)
Tuesday is the day we get out of the house.  We will head to the park, library, shopping, movies (our theater has $.50 movies on Tuesday), etc. 
Wednesday will be the day to try some new treats.  I know we have Popsicles and cookies on our list.
Thursday we will have fun learning! Some ideas are a read-a-thon, research projects, science experiments, and math games.  
Friday is basically a free day.  There will be lots of water play, card/board games, movie nights, play dates or whatever the kids want to do.

The best part is its summer and we are flexible.  So if we are going to the library on Thursday instead of Tuesday no big deal!  We just switch up the days.  The real purpose of the schedule is to make sure we are doing something and not wasting our summer days. If I can get them moving in the morning the entire day seems to run smoother, the tv is used less, there is less fighting, and they are having fun! 

You are welcome to use our plan. Click on the picture and save or copy and paste to a word document.  I also included one below without a flower.

I hope this gives you some ideas to make your summer memorable and maybe run a little smoother.

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