Thursday, May 14, 2015

spice rack makeover

About 10 years ago we were given a really cute spice rack. I loved it but quickly realized I never use most of the spices it came with.  Over the years the cute little jars became really sad looking.  The names started to come off, the glass was covered in residue, and the actually spices were looking more brown then green.  However it continues to sit on my counter and my shelves became cluttered and overflowing with spice bottles.  I was about to toss the whole thing and figure out a way to organize my cupboards but decided to give it one more chance.  Here's what the bottles looked like before (however I had already emptied all of them and ran them through the dishwasher so it doesn't look nearly as bad).  
 Here's the after.  New spices, cute label, clean jar, and polished top.

 I still have some empty ones.  I am just waiting to see what spices I actually use.
 My cupboards now contain this little basket of spices that I can easily reach.  It holds a few I rarely use and I'm waiting to see if its worth putting them in a jar.  I also have a similar basket on a top shelf that is a little wider that holds the extra containers of the spices that are being used in the jars.  I can now quickly refill when I need to but they are completely out of the way and organized.  Instead of using two shelves  to hold all of my spices and never knowing what I have, they now fit in a tiny little corner and are easy find.  It makes cooking a whole lot easier.

 Here are some really cute labels I found while searching for some to add to my jars.  Sadly they were all too big.  I ended up using this set below but cutting around just the words.  I really like the font and the chalkboard look.
 found here
found here
from Lia Griffith

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