Saturday, January 28, 2012

Choices and Consequences Sharing time or FHE idea

I thought I would share what I am doing for sharing time tomorrow in case anyone need a last minute idea or it would be really fun to use for Family Night. 

I printed out the words choices and consequences and taped each to the end of a stick (mine was actually a light saber)  Quickly explain that we have the wonderful gift of agency and are able to make our own choices.  However that doesn't mean we can do anything we want with out consequences.  Pick up the one side of the stick and show that it effects the other side.  (This is from the sharing time manual)
I'm then going to tell them how much I love ice cream shops and getting to pick my favorite flavors.  Then display my ice cream cone (just cut one from paper).  Then show my 8 scoops of ice cream. (I used the template from here).  On the back I have a different scenario of a choice some one made.  Take turns having a child come up and pick a flavor of ice cream.  Read the scenario on the back and have them tell you the consequences that would follow.  Add the ice cream scoop to the cone.  See how big you can build it!

*I'll add pictures after we use this for family night on Monday :)

Here are the scenarios I came up with:

You see a new girl at school sitting by herself.  You decide to go ask her to play.
Your mom asks you to clean your room and you quickly do it.

Your mom is cooking dinner and your little sister is crying.  You decide to read a book to her.

You are walking home from school.  You know you are supposed to go straight home but you decide to stop and swing at the park for a few minutes.

During primary you thought of a funny story and told your friend.

During a spelling test at school you couldn’t remember how to spell a word so you peeked at your neighbors test.

After you are already in bed and the lights turned off you remember you forgot to say a prayer.  You quickly jump out of bed and say a prayer.

You are playing outside and you see your dad is pulling weeds.  You ask him if you can help.

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