Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guest Post from Kitty Cats and Airplanes

I'm so happy to have Amie here today.  She is seriously one of my favorite people and bloggers.  She has a great tutorial for you today.
Hello Crystal's readers! I am so happy to be here to help out Crystal while she is off enjoying her family. I am Amie, and I blog over at {Kitty Cats and Airplanes}

 Today, I am sharing one of my most popular tutorials, the Lace Bow!

Are you ready for the EASIEST knock-off in the history of knock-offs?? This bow is so super simple it's criminal. It will blow your mind.
I was enjoying browsing through Anthropologie's loveliness when I spotted this pretty little number called the Fanny bow. My jaw dropped a little and I let out a "Fer realz????" when I saw it. Super cute and I knew I could whip up a knock-off version in a few short minutes. Enter supplies...

  • Vintage lace (or regular, non ruffled lace from a spool)

  • Matching felt

  • Hair clip

  • Scissors

  • Glue gun

Cut two lengths of lace, one five inches long, one six inches long. Run a line of glue down one end fold the other end over to create a loop. Do this for both pieces of lace.

Make sure your two glue-y sides are facing down, and stack the smaller piece onto the larger piece. Center everything.

Put a little dab of glue into the center of the top piece.

Gently pinch the two sides of your bow inward. Make sure that the glue doesn't find it's way all the way up, you only want the glue to be at the bottom of the fold! You should still have a little bit of loose lace at the top of the fold.

Cut out a third piece of lace, shorter than the other two.

Fold/roll your lace. Secure with glue if needed.

Gently press open the fold on your bow. See how it can still be opened a little? This is important to give the bow the prettiness it deserves.

Lay your folded lace on top of your bow so that it "opens" the fold. Secure with glue.

Wrap the folded lace around to the back and secure with glue! The bow is done!

To attach it to a clip, glue a small piece of felt on the back of your bow.

Cut another piece of felt and sandwich it in between the prongs of your clip.

Add glue to the TOP of the clip.

 And add it to the back of your bow! Trim any necessary felt aaaaaaaaaand....

Look fabulous! I love this little bow, it's feminine and chic at the same time. Plus, I kind of love lace. A lot. Easiest Anthro knock-off ever right.

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