Saturday, June 25, 2011

J'adore-T-shirt Vinyl tutorial

I finally bought some t-shirt vinyl and decided to give it a try.  It is so easy, fun, and looks wonderful.  Here's what I made.
Expressions vinyl has great video tutorials to show you how to use it.  The tricky part is you need to cut everything backwards (or your image will be reversed when you iron it on-not a problem for many images but a big problem for letters).  I have an original cricut and it doesn't have a flip button but I do have sure cuts a lot so I was able to do it.  If you are in the same situation here's a quick how to. 
lay your t-shirt vinyl shiny side down on your mat.
In your software add your graphic and words.  The click the flip button.  The easiest way for the words is to spell out the entire word then click flip.  If you have more then one word start with the last word.
set your blade depth to 2, pressure to 3, and slow speed (I think the software automatically cuts it slow).  You do not want to cut through the shiny transfer paper.  Cut your design
Pull off the extra vinyl
Lay the sticky side down on your shirt (my camera died right about now but this is what my layout looked like).  Turn your iron on (between cotton and polyester) and gently iron the transfer paper.  Carefully peel off the transfer paper.  If the vinyl is coming off with it lay it back down and iron again. 
In no time you will have a new shirt.
*I don't have anyone that will fit into this adorable onesie so its now up for sale in my etsy shop.*

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