Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Magnetic Paper dolls

A sweet relative that knows how much i love to craft emailed me about her ward craft day (church) and asked if I would be interested in the magnetic paper dolls she was doing. Of course I said yes! I bought a set and she provided everything to make mine up (so convenient) but I found this tutorial to make your own if you are interested. I didn't really like the cover for the tin that came with it so I made my own. I think it turned out cute. Right now its attached with glue dots but I am planning on using my spray adhesive once I dig it out of a box in the garage. I love how they turned out and can't wait to use them in church on Sunday.

What fun toys have you made for your kids? I'd love to know-my kids always want me to make them stuff.


  1. Monster dolls, we made little guys out of sculpey, felt boards, little dolls of all sorts, mailboxes.
    And I love this magnetic paperdoll idea, now to decide if my girl would actually play with them.

  2. I loved making paper dolls as a kid - I should make some for my God daughter. Thanks for sharing

  3. I've been making magnetic paper dolls for my daughter for years. I really should post about it. Very fun.