Thursday, December 30, 2021

31 Fun and Unique January Holiday Calendar

 Can you even believe it's almost 2022?!?  I think they years are flying by a lot faster then they use to.  I had a few people asking if I was going to continue the holiday calendars this year and I'm so excited to say yes! My kids love these calendars and I hope its something your family can use as well.  I found 31 holidays that are perfect to celebrate with your kids.  I like to keep it simple and we don't celebrate all of them.  Sometimes times its just awesome to check the calendar and find out what fun holiday lands on that day.  Its all about slowing down and making memories.

You can grab your own calendar below.  Print and enjoy.  Let me know how you celebrate this month.

Download your free January Holiday Calendar Here

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  1. Love the calendars! I enclose them in letters that I send to nursing home residents. Gives them a chuckle and helps them keep track of days. Thanks so mush for doing this!