Monday, January 11, 2021

The Best Pillow Fort Activities To Do This Winter

When the weather outside is frightful, it can be hard to keep the kids entertained as screen time and coloring books can only be fun for so long. However, the right indoor activities can make staying at home a blast — starting with building an epic pillow fort!

Building a pillow fort is a super fun activity that keeps your kids engaged while letting their imagination run wild. All you have to do is hunt down a few sheets, pillows and supportive furniture for you and your family to have fun four hours on end.

Check out these tips and ideas from Apartment Guide to build the ultimate pillow fort where you and your kids can spend quality time and make treasured memories!

1. Play pretend

A fort is whatever your child wants it to be, like a secret cave in the wilderness or a pirate ship setting sail to find the lost treasure. The point is to let your kids' imaginations run wild and have fun. To help them create the ambiance they’re looking for, check out these printable fort decorations to transform their fun new space.

2. Play a game

You can’t go wrong by breaking out the games like Monopoly, Battleship or Scrabble. Depending on where you assembled your fort, you could even set up a gaming console and play some video games or play some app games on a handheld device which will keep the kids occupied for hours.

3. Make crafts

Turn your pillow fort into the ultimate crafting station where you can let your children create pieces of art that can be displayed on the fridge. Try coloring, drawing or a crafting activity like these printable unicorn and puppy masks that can be cut out and worn using a string or wooden popsicle stick!

4. Watch a movie

Make some popcorn and break out the sweet treats and get ready for the ultimate movie night in your pillow fort! Make sure your fort is near a TV or set up a projector inside your fort to shine on a blank wall to make your very own movie theatre. Handheld tablets also work in smaller sized forts!

5. Host a tea party

Turn your fortress into a venue to host a lavish tea party. Dress up and make cookies and finger sandwiches to go with your fresh pot of tea. Have your kid send out these printable tea party invites to other members of your household along with matching tea and snack tags.

Whether you're cooped up indoors due to the winter weather or just looking for a fun weekend activity, pillow forts will help keep your kids entertained for hours. Keep the fun going by making their fort a personal fortress that engages them in different activities that encourage creativity, imagination and leisurely fun!

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