Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Portable Preschool Board and September Calendar Cards (free printable)

I'm so excited to show you my update preschool board we will be using this year.  You can find our past board here.  I don't have a spot in our home dedicated to preschool so I need something I can put away when not in use. My calendar pieces are not attached to the board which is why it is laying down.  I'll update the picture at the end of the month once everything is secured.   I used a 28"x40" tri-fold display board from Walmart.   The three papers you see are in sheet protectors that I just taped in place.  I wanted this board very functional for us but also something that can easily adapt and change as we learn.  I can easily slide a new page in when we learn about another letter, a specific number, shape, color, or even a poem.  Anything I want my daughter to see and practice on a daily basis.  So lets take a closer look.

 This side has a sheet protector taped to the top.  Right now it has our alphabet chart I found here.  The tree goes with the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  This year we are going to focus on one letter a week.  So as a new letter is introduced we we will be adding that letter to our coconut tree. Right now I'm thinking we will use stickers but that might change. (tree printable found here)
 On the other side I have two sheet protectors taped to the board.  The top will have our current letter of the week.  We are working on counting and recognizing letters up to 30 so I made a number chart to help.  (you can download a copy here...comes in 3 colors)

This is our weather chart.  I found the free download here.

 I hot glued a magnet to our board and the back of our weather chart.  I did laminate and print on cardstock for extra durability.
 Finally our calendar.  The number cards are size 2.5"x 2.5".  They fit this size board perfect but hopefully work on your board or even pocket chart (I couldn't find the dimensions needed for pocket charts so let me know if they work or I can add an extra size in the future).  Each month will have a new set of numbers and theme.  For September I went with apples.  With our chart we are going to practice recognizing numbers, counting, and patterns.  You may notice there is an abcabc pattern through out.  We are going to try to tape ours on but I may change it to magnets if there is a need.
I apologize for the quality of the image.  I did laminate mine and it makes taking pictures a little tricky.  

You can download the days of the week printable here and the September calendar pieces here.

Adorable graphics from Creative Clips Clipart by Krista Wallden

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