Monday, January 18, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. Learning day

One of my goals this year is to be more present in my children's life.  I want a big part of that to be teaching them about the world around us, history, science, life skills, and whatever they show an interest in.   Today we learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  It was really amazing to see how much my girls loved the activities and how quickly they understood the concept I was trying to teach them.

We started with 2 bags.  I asked them which one they would choose. (idea came from here) My 10 and 7 year old choose the pink one and my 2 year old picked the brown one.
 We dumped them out and both had a bag of popcorn inside.
 It was a great way to introduce them to the idea that we all look different on the outside but we are all the same on the inside.  We did talk about the color of our skin but included some people are tall, some wear glasses, some have brown hair, or blue eyes.  It was really awesome to hear their thoughts.

Next we read this cute story and made the craft that went with it.  (you can find it here for free)

We finished up by watching this cute youtube video.  Have you watched any of the kid president videos?  I love him and this one is perfect!
We filled in our "I have a dream" printable together that I posted earlier today.  You can find it here.

 (everyone will treat people the way we want to be treated)

My 2 year old kept saying "to watch Mickey" so we added that as well.

It was a lot of fun and I look forward to sharing more of our learning adventures this year.

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