Sunday, April 21, 2024

Come Follow Me: Mosiah 1-3

*Originally posted in 2020
I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter.  I have some really fun ideas to go with this week's Come Follow Me lesson.  We are covering Mosiah 1-3. I followed the Primary manual pretty closely this week in fact I loved all of the ideas and went a little crazy making printables for almost all of the activities in the manual.  If you aren't quite sure how to use one of the activities that might help.  

There are tons of ideas this week!  There is also a second page with some ideas for serving during this time of social distancing.  I asked for some ideas on my facebook page a couple days and the answers were so great!  I included those along with a couple of others.  If you have some ideas please leave them in the comments for others to see :)
On the additional information page I also included the activity from the Come Follow Me primary manual that goes with these recipe cards. It's the very last activity in the manual and it invites the children to use Mosiah 3:19 to come up with a recipe to become like the Savior.  I thought it would be so fun to bake something together and then do this activity. 
This one just a simple fill in the blank.  Print and you are ready to go.  \
 King Benjamin taught us a lot about service.  The next several activities go with that theme (you can also use the search bar on my website and it will pull up more ideas). 

The first idea I had was to create a poster or jar to document the service we provide to our families and others through out the week.  The Warm Fuzzies (and this idea) comes from a talk by President Monson called What Have I done for Someone today?  I plan to show this video clip  or this one is a clip from Conference.  The idea is to place a warm fuzzie (pom pom) in the jar when you provide an act of service.  Once our jar is full we are going to do a special activity as a family-probably a movie night or take out :)  I did include two label options.
Another idea is to print on of these posters and color in a heart or write down the service you did inside each heart.  There is an option for family or individual.  Same idea once its full plan a special surprise or activity to celebrate your accomplishment.  Third printable is inspired by the talk mentioned above.  This one is more of a journal page.
Here are a couple more printables-the I can serve ones are good for brainstorming ways to to serve or it can be used as a journal page.  There is plenty of space to write or draw your answers.  The helping hands comes from the primary manual.  The idea is to trace your hands and share a way you can serve your family.
The primary manual suggests thinking of ways you can serve your family and sing when we're helping we're happy.  I wanted to build on this a little and talk about ways we can serve different people.  Roll the dice and thing of a person and how you can serve them.  I tried to make most of them more general so you can play several times.  Use these just for a discussion or add in the song. 

Another idea in the manual was to memorize this part of Mosiah 2:17.  There is a basic, one that can be colored or traced, and then one that is more for display.
As you tell the story have your children illustrate what is happening.  Draw the tower, the tents, the people gathering, etc.  I did include printable King Benjamins that they can glue on their picture if they do not want to draw him.
This idea is similar to the one in the manual but I am going to use it more as review.  My kids are going to take turns pretending to be King Benjamin (wear the crown and stand on a tower-probably a chair) and share a few things they learned about service during the week and share a few ways they served.

I saw this question in the Individual and Family manual and knew I wanted to discuss it during our scripture study.  They can write or draw their answer.

Mosiah 2:19–25 we learn that all blessings come from Heavenly Father.  My daughter has been asking to play charades so that is one thing we are going to do.  We'll think of something we are grateful for and act it out (maybe draw it) I also included some pages to use as a gratitude journal.  Over the last few weeks I have been trying to focus on being grateful and finding beauty and joy each day.  I had the thought a few times that we should start gratitude journals as part of our writing lesson and after reading through this lesson I knew this would be the perfect time to start.
Cut and paste activity.  Read the verse and match the picture.
Last idea is more of a fun challenge but will keep the scriptures in your child's mind as they work.  These are building challenges.  I like to hang them up as inspiration.  Sometimes I give them certain items to use and other times I let them use whatever they can find.  For smaller creating there are printable King Benjamins that will stand.
That's all for this week.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  Also share your ideas for service in the comments...I love hearing your ideas!  Have a wonderful Easter and week!


  1. Thank you so much for all your sacrifice to bring all of these wonderful ideas to us. These are amazing!!!!