Friday, December 23, 2016

Nativity block (vinyl or paint option)

I know Christmas is just a couple of days away but if you are looking for a last minute idea this one is simple and beautiful.  We hosted a Christmas party yesterday and I needed a craft for 15 8-11 year old girls.  The picture above was made by my 11  year old.  I used one 2x4 and had left overs. 

Here's how we made them...
You need :
2x4 cut each block 4 1/4 inches  
vinyl (or you can paint it)
jewel stickers (found in the scrapbook section)

Its pretty easy.  Paint your block, once dry apply vinyl.  Add your jewel sticker if you want.

A few tips:
1. I used this cut file for our block.  I purchased it a while ago but you can google free svg files or nativity silhouettes if you don't want to purchase one. 
2. I size my nativity 3.25 x 3.9.  Your 2x4 is not actually 4 inches across its more like 3 1/2 so keep your proportions so it fits in that space (give your some a little room). 
3, If you don't have access to vinyl you can always paint it.  Here's a quick how to (images from a different project.)  Print your image from your computer, 

Turn over and color back with pencil
Lay on your board and trace around image with a pencil.
When you pull it off you should see the lines.  
Then paint inside the lines.

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